WinGLUE® is a Gas Lift well surveillance, analysis, prediction, design, optimization and simulation software developed and field tested by Shell and AppSmiths®.
Well Data Management
WinGLUE® has the feature of integrating all well data (mechanical, static, flow and real-time) for greater efficiency in gas-lift surveillance, diagnostics and optimization, while promoting the full use of the acquired data set. Multiple data types can be entered by:
WebGLUE is also an API. This allows you to visualize data of your projects from the WinGLUE® database and to visualize comparative information.

Dashboards and Integrations

WebGLUE provides links to differents types of systems
The key to successful surveillance is being able to track changes in the wells over time, comparing well tests and pressure survey information as the well changes.
WinGLUE® can do this for even large numbers of wells, multiple fields, and multiple users.

Analyzes Valve Performance

WinGLUE® has an integrated performance analysis tool to diagnose valve operation and behavior using VPC.
The correlations used in VPC analysis are:
WinGLUE® allows modelling dual string performance in a single plot to understand interactive well behaviour such as gas robbing (one string taking too much gas from other string), in-accurate gas-lift rate split factor and valve performance provide difficulty to gas-lift optimization.
WellTracer® diagnostic study
Use a WinGLUE® well model to generate detailed reports and expert recommendations with the WellTracer® WellTracer® surveys, our workover rig that helps determine wellbore lifting gas entry points quickly and reliably.

AppSmiths® Technology


Increase Gains

Save significant OPEX, sometimes save significant CAPEX.

Up to the minute awareness

Thanks to our existing links to SCADA systems

Eliminate redundancy

Due to the integration with corporate databases such as Oracle.

Real time link

Network capability allows staff in field and office to visualize data in real time.

Latest support

Support latest models of Gas Lift valves.


With multiple technologies such as PipeSimGOAL, SCADA systems, PETEX GAP TM, AVT III, ValveWise.

WinGLUE®, the industry-leading design software.

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