Our Products

AppSmiths® Technology offers software modeling services for its clients. AppSmiths® builds a well model for the client from their well information into our WinGLUE® software, and is then able to calibrate the model to the production data. Once there is a calibrated well model AppSmiths® is able to understand how the well is operating and where it is lifting from. The model also helps to understand the benefits of optimizing the well by predicting the uplift potential.


WinGLUE® is a Gas Lift well surveillance, analysis, prediction, design, optimization and simulation software developed and field tested by Shell and AppSmiths.


WebGLUE is a cloud-web application that together with WinGLUE® makes a perfect match for the analysis, surveillance, design, modeling, prediction and optimization of gas lift wells


Valvewise is a cloud web application that manages all information related to the valve life cycle and its relationship with the well